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The first annual Cool Story Con is a new breath of Geek culture! All that we did, what we dreamed about and what we lived for the last year - you will see this video! Our Cool Story Bro studio presents the huge and unfathomable universe of Stars Cry, which has: comics, music, cinematics, animation, collectible toys, art book, and a lot of other cool stuff - made with inspiration and love for our work.

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  • Comic book and art book
  • Collectible figure "Grelog"
  • Branded clothing set "Cool Story Bro"
  • Three large posters signed by the authorsComic book and art book
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COMIC CON UKRAINE is an annual convention of comics fans that gathers tens of thousands of people, and this year the COOL STORY BRO studio! became a part of this grand event, presenting the STARS CRY universe! We are grateful to everyone who supported us, we are very glad that the readers really like the comic and we received hundreds of positive reviews!

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STARS CRY comic book

What is STAR CRY? This is a space saga about planets in different galaxies inhabited by unique races. This is our fantasy about what would happen if we were not alone in the Universe.

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STARS CRY art-book

Epic multi-volume art book encyclopedia on Pantheon Universe! Reveal all secrets carefully hidden by United Council!


STARS CRY is a large-scale project by COOL STORY BRO studio. The vast universe is filled with an infinite number of star systems and galaxies, home to countless life forms. All of them have their own unique differences, or vice versa - they are so similar to us, humans. Political games and power struggles, dangers from the inhabitants of unknown worlds and the dangers of space, a web of intrigue that our heroes will have to sort out - all this awaits you in our story.

You will witness the formation of humanity as a member of a space alliance called the Pantheon, which is filled with intelligent species. You will see attempts to win a worthy place in the universe. Learn about the adventures of a young man named Shai, who will try to stop the threat of extinction of all intelligent beings in the world. Watch as many other equally interesting episodes unfold in the vastness of endless galaxies.

STARS CRY is a space saga, a fantasy about what would happen if we were not alone in the universe. Love and hate, loyalty and dishonor, life and death. It is in the struggle of these opposing forces that you will discover that life has no polarities, everything has its own hidden meaning, and the most amazing thing is that even this secret of the world is not the only secret you can discover in our work.

Each member of the COOL STORY BRO! team gave the story a piece of their life, and now we want to give it to you to make you experience unforgettable moments and incomparable emotions - joy from achievements, sadness of loss, happiness from victory, anger and mercy towards enemies, love for family members, and this is not the limit. We believe that this space fantasy will take you on an incredible adventure, the memories of which will stay with you forever.

Pigi Orange is the legendary kitten in a piggy hoodie that you can see in almost every corner of Stars Cry. The collector, cook, streamer, YouTuber, and all-around cutie now has his own story in the form of a comic book.

This kitten will surprise you because every day is an incredible adventure and where ordinary people will see nothing, Piggy will find a whole story to share and live it with you. Even cooking noodles will make you smile with a radiant smile if you do it with our cat.

In this story, you will learn about the adventures of our Piggy, meet his family and friends, and find out that this piggy happiness is not just a beautiful picture on the walls, but also an incredible hero with his own interesting life.

Collection Edition

The Collection Edition is a limited edition for true comic book lovers and collectors. For these people, we can offer the best of our first edition, namely

  • a comic book and a hardcover art book:

    The comic book is exactly what you want to get first to dive into the fantastic Stars Cry universe, see how it works, and learn the story of Mark Shay and his friends.

    Artbook - Creating a comic book is a painstaking and long process where authors and artists experiment a lot and look for the best visual solutions for the story. Our artbook will reveal you the secret of what an alternative appearance of the Voice could be, or what kind of car Mark could drive, and many other things that remain a mystery to readers.

  • Collectible figure "Grellog"

    A large, strong and dangerous alien, a predator created for destruction and destruction. It is very difficult to convey the power and strength of such an enemy in full, but we managed to do it! This figure will give you an idea of what a dangerous enemy our heroes faced, and will also be a good addition to your collection.

  • "Cool Story Bro" branded clothing set

    A cap, a T-shirt, and a hoodie with the studio's logo will add to your wardrobe. Beautiful, comfortable, and really cool! This is a limited edition set, which will be available only to members of the Cool Story Bro team and those who will have a collector's edition. With this disguise, you will be able to sneak into our office and read the following parts of the comic

  • three large posters signed by the authors


COOL STORY BRO studio was born out of love for comics and the work of Igor Yashchenko and Alexey Nesmashny. Initially, it started as a comic book studio, but gradually the team expanded the boundaries of their creativity. Despite living in a country where the comic book industry was in its infancy, they did not give up their dream of creating their own stories and characters. The COVID-19 epidemic and quarantine posed new challenges, but the team did not give up.

In June 2020, the first studio and team of just four people were formed. Soon, dozens of people answered the call to expand the team, and this was the beginning of an ever-growing community. The studio's dream was not just to create one comic book, but to create a huge international geek industry that would not be limited by styles, genres, or ages.

Throughout the summer of 2020, the team worked tirelessly to create the first comic book, and on September 16, the studio announced itself on the Internet and social media. The first fans of the studio appeared, and the audience was introduced to the first comic book character, the Voice. The team also worked on making animatronic glasses and a costume for the Voice, and the first photo shoots and clips with him were made. The project attracted a lot of attention, and the team began to interact with the media.

The project was officially presented in all its glory at COMIC CON UKRAINE, which led the founders to Helena Mankowska, who later became part of the COOL STORY BRO family, and Lady Demitrescu turned into Heilen Manhelm. New connections, contracts, potential investors appeared, and opportunities for project development and the sale of film rights to Hollywood studios opened up.

However, on February 24, 2022, a war broke out that destroyed the dreams and lives of millions of people and became the most terrible test for everyone. The studio turned into a real family, became a large organism, within which everyone became something united and integral. Life changed, and everything stood still for a while, but it was during this time that they rethought the project, redesigning the style, improving the color scheme, expanding the story and improving the characters.

New directions and divisions, new projects appeared, and the studio became a full-fledged industry, the first in Ukraine to constantly develop and expand. The team was getting stronger, bolder and ready to declare itself to the world.

COOL STORY CON is a first-of-its-kind event dedicated to the creativity and love of comics, bringing together artists, directors, editors, musicians, and cool creators. The convention showcased the studio's latest projects, including comics, music, songs, and trailers. It's an opportunity for fans and enthusiasts to meet and mingle with their favorite creators and celebrate their love of all things geek.

Finally, COOL STORY BRO Studio is a testament to the power of perseverance, creativity, and passion. The team's dream of creating a huge international geek industry is gradually becoming a reality, and COOL STORY CON is just the beginning!